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CIO Advisor APAC reviews are about the business to improve and progress as desired and make essential changes to transform negative feedback into a positive experience.

Applications have played a crucial role in making lives more comfortable, convenient and providing entertainment and news updates. Applications are ranging from food apps to gaming apps and news updates to live television channels. The most anxiety the application developers is user satisfaction and means to boost the apps’ quality to meet the people’s competitive wish.

The application developers are now keen on implementing app reviews and persons’ feedback for their prospective apps. Application reviews are constructive in analyzing business growth and acceptability. According to a survey by Apptentive, more than 70 percent of people go through at minimum an app review before installing and using the app. Customer reviews play an important role in helping the users know whether the products and services they offer are right or not. It also highlights the reasons why the customers are dissatisfied. Negative feedback could reduce the business improvement. It becomes necessary for the app developers to understand the customers’ behavioral patterns and use these negative reviews to improve their applications and implement changes for a positive outcome. It requires that the customers who give negative reviews are responded to instantly and assured of further improvements. For this, the host company should encourage a proper flow of communication with the customers. This not only helps to receive positive feedback but also enhances the brand experience for the users. The application developers should also create app moments or key portals that will allow the users to find what they are looking for in the application hassle-free.

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The collection of application reviews has been made readily available for the users and the different companies. According to The Manifest, 26 percent of the application reviews are available on the websites, 21 percent obtained from app push notifications, 21 percent from social networking portals, 19 percent from the app store, and 10 percent from third-party surveys. Google Reviews is a third party portal that provides for the most trusted source of reviews for thousands of apps. App push notifications are another way of recieve reviews from the users very efficiently. Facebook as a social networking site allows for a formidable platform for collecting relevant reviews about the application. A technology blog or a website can be an added feature in an application for users to leave their view.

The collected reviews help the business improve and progress as desired and make essential changes to transform negative feedback into a positive experience.

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